Patrick Cornett

The Housing Partnership, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation with a diversified real estate portfolio.  The company actively engages in Asset Management, Real Estate Development, Property Acquisitions, and the Sale of Single Family Homes.  Additional programs and services are provided to enhance the quality of life for the clients of the company.

As Chief Financial Officer, Patrick is responsible for the oversight of finance, human resource and information technology of the corporation including accounting, internal and external reporting, budgeting, corporate finance, cash management, financial compliance and risk management and the administration of employment policies and benefits.

Patrick came to The Housing Partnership in 2015 after working several years in public accounting and private industry. He is a CPA with an extensive working knowledge of US GAAP and a history of helping organizations finding accounting and internal control solutions. Patrick has experience with mergers and acquisitions, financial modeling and internal audit. He has also spent several years providing accounting services to organizations within the affordable housing industry and organization subject to compliance with HUD regulations.

He is married, and currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky with his family.