Andrew Hawes

The Housing Partnership, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation with a diversified real estate portfolio. The company actively engages in Asset Management, Real Estate Development, Property Acquisitions, and the Sale of Single Family Homes. Additional programs and services are provided to enhance the quality of life for the clients of the company.

As Executive Vice President, in the President’s absence, Andrew acts in his stead and carries out the strategic plan through overseeing operations and assigning responsibilities to employees who report to them.

Andrew is responsible for the development and implementation of housing production programs and for providing technical assistance in planning, development and feasibility analysis to non-profit and for-profit sponsors and developers.

Andrew came to The Housing Partnership in January 2016 as Vice President, Director of Housing Production. In May 2018, Andrew was named President of the Housing Partnership. Inc.

Prior to joining The Housing Partnership, Andrew held the position of Managing Director of Multifamily Programs at Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC). Andrew directed the development, implementation and coordination of multifamily loan programs and services. During his 18-year tenure with KHC, he held the following positions within the single-family homeownership department, technical assistance administrator, loan production manager, assistant director of homeownership and director of homeownership operations.

Andrew earned a B.A. from McKendree College, a J.D. from Northern Kentucky University, Salmon P. Chase College of Law and is a licensed attorney.

He is married, has three children, and currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky.