Kathleen McKune

Serve as Executive Vice President of Development & General Counsel of New Directions Housing Corporation, a non-profit community investment and development corporation that uses affordable housing as its primary driver to allow people of low to moderate income to find new directions to improve their lives and the neighborhoods they live in. Now in its fifth decade of service, New Directions owns and operates over 1000 rental units in Louisville and Southern Indiana for rental to people of low to moderate income. It believes in taking a holistic approach to property management, going above and beyond the traditional landlord tenant relationship by providing its residents with an array of robust resident services to help break down many of the obstacles people in economically challenged neighborhood face to obtaining a better life for themselves and their families. New Directions also spearheads community outreach and engagement activities in the neighborhoods it serves to revitalize economically stressed neighborhoods and give neighbors the tools to join together and empower each other to provide real change in these areas.

My role at New Directions is to serve as the organization’s chief executive officer in the areas of both real estate and resource development while also serving as its in-house legal counsel.